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Most of you here probably know me from my near 40 years in the Martial Arts, and my Action Movie Career. As an only son, for the last 10 years I’ve been focused on taking care of my ailing Mother who passed in 2014 at 89 Years old, and most recently my 94 year old Father passed from end stage Parkinson’s. He was interred at Arlington Nation Cemetery with Full Military Honors. Now that I have moved to my home in Florida, I want to reach out to my International Friends and fans and get involved while continuing to pursue my passion for Martial Arts, helping implement Children programs (after school programs and Martial Arts in-school classes), Refugee and Environmental issues around the world.

As my duties as a devoted son have now been fulfilled, I look forward to making appearances at events, and showing up to support causes and making a difference. My family is all of you, and I look forward to what the future brings!  Please follow me on Social Media, visit my Instagram Account @lorenavedonofficial and keep in touch.  Please reach me or on the various QR Code images on the site to contact me via social media at any time.

Have a blessed day and I look forward to hearing from you all.

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Grand Master Loren Avedon ~ The King of The Kickboxers!


UPDATE: The cart that processes the orders for Digital Autographs is offline! We will be working on a new way for you to order digital AUTOGRAPHS. In the mean time, please DM me through my IG account (links found on all pages to SNS sites) and DM me. I’ll then contact you and do my best to get you a Digital Autograph. You can still send me pictures and posters you want me to autograph according to the process described below where you see the 3 hash marks (###). Thank you for your understanding. Have a great 2022!

Thank you for visiting the Loren Avedon Autograph page. I’ve had so many requests for autographs that I’ve come up with a simple way for you to get a digital autographed picture that you can print out with your home printer if you have the ability to use photographic paper, or take the file to a local Office Depot, or any store that prints actual photographs and they can print out the photo in any size you want and it will have your personalized message on it and my signature.

* If you wish me to send you a digital autograph please contact me through Instagram via the link on this web site and I can send you a digital autograph for a small donation via

Offline Simply choose a photo you like and put it in the shopping cart, be sure to fill out the cart with all your info, most importantly your email address which is where your custom autographed photo will be sent. *Pleases note that some photos are not large files and may only be printable to a certain size without some distortion.

There are two ways to go and one very special one for all of my beloved fans.

  1. Offline You an choose as many photographs from the selections below and make a donation that is listed via the shopping cart, make sure you include your personalized message, and use the check out via paypal, and go back to the cart system to complete the process if asked, then you should get an email with the details of your selection(s). The donated amount will be used to pay for web hosting costs and design fees. I don’t charge for autographs, the donation is for offsetting costs associated with this site and those who help with the design and updates. I DO NOT KEEP ANY DONATION FOR MYSELF. I value you! I am honored to have so many fans and I want to give you my Autograph. I sincerely appreciate your making a donation to help keep this site going. If you cannot afford any donation please contact me via social media (FB) and I will send you one digitally autographed picture. If you live somewhere in the world where it is obvious there is little money to be donated because of your political, social or any other hardships, it would be my pleasure to send you an autograph without any donation. Just send me a message with all your particulars and most importantly YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and I will be more than happy to send you one digital autographed picture. I presume that in that case you won’t have a printer of any kind, but at least you’ll have a digital file (.jpg , .png, .gif) that you can view on your phone or computer.
  2. ### Other than contacting me on Instragram @lorenavedonofficial this is the only way to get an autograph of your personal Loren Avedon Movie memorabilia If you have any video or dvd covers, posters, magazines or other promotional items that have my photograph on them, I will be happy to Autograph them for FREE. Just make sure you send me a letter with instructions, and a pre-paid return envelope, that has your address on it in order for me to send the items back to you in. Please be sure that you have the proper postage, the postal clerk will help you weigh the package and insure you have the proper postage for the items to be returned to you. WITHOUT A PRE-PAID POSTAGE ENVELOPE I CAN NOT SEND YOUR ITEMS BACK TO YOU. I am happy to provide you an Autograph for FREE on the items you send, but it is not fair for others to make a donation to help offset the cost of this web site, and it is obviously not fair for you to ask me to pay for the return of your items Autographed for FREE and also expect me to pay for the postage for return. PLEASE DON’T SEND ME ANY MONEY FOR MY AUTOGRAPH I DON’T BELIEVE ITS FAIR TO CHARGE MONEY FOR MY SIGNATURE TO A FAN OF MY WORK. Others may think it is ok to do that but I don’t. If you wish to send me a fan letter, that is ok too, but please do not send me any PROMOTIONAL materials and do not send me any scripts or solicitations, I will not open them and I may be forced to remove this address from the web site because this address is for fan mail only. Here is my mailing address:

Loren Avedon PO BOX 4332 Clearwater, Florida 33758-4332 USA

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