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Most of you here probably know me from my near 40 years in the Martial Arts, and my Action Movie Career. As an only son, for the last 10 years I’ve been focused on taking care of my ailing Mother who passed in 2014 at 89 Years old, and most recently my 94 year old Father passed from end stage Parkinson’s. He was interred at Arlington Nation Cemetery with Full Military Honors. Now that I have moved to my home in Florida, I want to reach out to my International Friends and fans and get involved while continuing to pursue my passion for Martial Arts, helping implement Children programs (after school programs and Martial Arts in-school classes), Refugee and Environmental issues around the world.

As my duties as a devoted son have now been fulfilled, I look forward to making appearances at events, and showing up to support causes and making a difference. My family is all of you, and I look forward to what the future brings!  Please join my mailing list, visit my blog and keep in touch.  Use the contact form below to reach me or on the various QR Code images on the site to contact me at any time.

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Grand Master Loren Avedon ~ The King of The Kickboxers!


Loren`s Story

Loren began his acting career at the age of 5 as the milk-mustached kid in many “Carnation Milk” commercials. Although he continued to appear in numerous commercials and successfully dabbled in modeling, his energies eventually turned toward a career in film.

He received his first “break” a while ago while working out in a Los Angeles Karate school. Producer Roy Horan was canvassing the town in search of a replacement for Jean-Claude Van Damme. The film Horan was producing “No Retreat, No Surrender II” called for a young man, over six feet tall who could act while also being a world-class martial artist. Because of his dashing-good looks, charm and high front kicks, Horan decided to give Loren an audition. One week later he was signed as Van Damme’s replacement.

Because of this Loren met and was able to work with one of the most wonderful people on earth and his life-long friend Cynthia Rothrock. (Poor Van Damme! 🙂

In the film “Blood Brothers,” Loren co-stared as an All-American boy with a Bruce Lee/Rambo side who becomes an espionage hero. This film helped develop his talents as an actor and helped to spread his name in Europe and elsewhere.

He returned to the jungles of Thailand and spent four exciting months starring as the hard-nosed New York City cop, “Jake Donahue”, in Imperial Entertainment’s Martial Arts Cult Classic “King of the Kickboxers”. The result was an intense and compelling performance that has action-adventure experts agreeing that “King of the Kickboxers” contains some of the most brilliant martial arts fight scenes ever captured on film. Loren has often stated that working with Billy Blanks (world-renowned TaeB0 creator) to film that particular one is an experience that he will cherish forever!

Loren is truly hooked on action entertainment films! His acting philosophy and mantra is as quoted: “As an actor, I’m revealing facets of my soul. As a Martial Artist, it’s all speed, precision, and physical skill. In an action-adventure film, I enjoy the challenge of captivating the audience with a dynamic believable performance.” Those are the words he performs by.

Even after retirement, Loren is heavily into writing and producing. After shooting more than a month in Beirut, Lebanon on “Operation; Golden Phoenix”, he Co-Produced, and starred in “The Silent Force”. He also wrote the screenplay for, produced and starred in “Deadly Ransom” in 1997.

In one of his later films, “Manhattan Chase” , Loren starred as a paroled ex-hitman trying to raise his only son, but soon after his release from prison his past catches up with him. He also starred in and worked as the 2nd unit director and fight choreographer on “Tiger Claws III” for Film One productions in Toronto, Canada. He`s also written at least two more feature films (“Never to Die”,”004″).

While his film and acting career has taken a back seat to his equally busy personal life and spending quality time with his family for the past few years, his intention is still to create hard-hitting, thrilling and entertaining action movies for a diverse and sophisticated international audience.