Video Log

Some of my all-time favorite movie clips as well a some new ones!

King of the Kickboxers (movie)

No Retreat, No Surrender 2 (movie)

No Retreat, No Surrender 3 (movie)


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Fan Submissions (Demo Reels)- Video clips from martial artists around the world!

YouTube ID: flatCOIN

Fan Submissions (Movie Clips)- Video clips from martial artists around the world!





Please note that just because a video is listed here does NOT mean that I`m endorsing it, thinking about producing it, or planning on making it into a movie. I do not accept requests for movie reviews or submissions. I`m too busy to view submissions and I don`t accept them due to possible legal issues which could arise. So unless you`re a personal friend or aquaintance I know fairly well, I will not be accepting any submissions. Please read the Terms of Service agreement and do NOT submit anything to media this site or email. It will be rejected. The stuff listed here is due to my personal feelings and enjoyment of the subject matter as a reader and implies no professional support or endorsement for ti unless specifically noted by myself.

While I don`t accept direct submissions, I don`t viewing demo reels and indie clips when I have time. If the summary is well writen and I find the story is interesting and to my taste, I may check it out provided you have a link to it. If I find it intersting, I`ll post a link to it here with your approval for you to tell your friends about. In the future, I may open this site up to a writer of the month contect but for the moment that is closed. Please keep in mind when submitting a summary that LA will not accept any liability for and damages caused by any third parties using your content without your permission (which I hope will not happen). Nor will we be held responsible for any similarities between said linked work and any of my own current writing projects. So make sure that you understand and can agree to these terms before you give me permission to post links to your work.




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