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Greetings Martial Arts/Movie fans from all over the world. I hope that you'll enjoy my new web site. We'll be adding new martial arts related links and information here for you all the time, so please drop by often!

I just want to say that it has been a great honor to have worked with so many incredibly talented film makers and martial artists over the years. I feel blessed to have met you all and to be able to call you my friends. I look forward to more adventures and exciting films in the future with new talent and old favorites. I hope that I have provided great action entertainment and inspiration for my fans and viewers, and I am grateful for your support and friendship.

Please sign my guest book to let me know you were here. What a great privilege it is to have had this opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

Thank you for visiting and God bless you... [John "3:16"]


Back Kick

Loren Avedon

5th dan Tae Kwon Do W.T.F.

8th dan Hap Ki Do I.H.A.




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