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Welcome to my store section! Not too much in stock right now (we`re still updating) but that `ll change in the near future! :) - UPDATING SHOPPING CART NOW so if you can`t order, just try ack in a day or two... Will be up by the end of the week!

F.Y.I., I personally don`t believe in selling autographed photos for profit. So if you want a photo, just ask!

I`m currently working on getting some merchandise made using these images below. Once the process is complete, we`ll update the site to where you can semply select the image you want from below and click on the item you would like to hav custom made for you! How`s that for a deal? :) Just give us a few days to get everything up, runing and to create the necessary pricelist and everything should be set!


Loren 1 Loren 1 Loren 1 Loren 1
Loren 1 Loren 1 Loren 1
Loren 1 Loren 1 DeadlyRansom1
Action Pose1 King of the Kickboxers  





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