Hello everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus. I`ll bet you`ve all been wondering what I`ve been up to these past few years.

Well, as you can probably imagine, I`ve been quite busy working on small projects. I decided I needed to take a well deserved break for a while after a busy period in the the 1990`s to relax a bit and spend more time with my family. I haven`t been working on any mainstream projects since then. Professionally I mostly do guest appearances for TV shows and movies, actor training and fight choreography nowadays so that I can more easily balance my schedule. But I have been keeping up with the current market and Hollywood trends!

I`ve got a few writing projects and screenplays on the table that I dawdle around with when I have time so I might start gearing up to start producing one of them soon (once I get the required $$$$ to get started! :) I`m also going through a very interesting sci-fi/ action story with a friend of mine which I think has a lot of potential for a great movie. It still requires a little work and polishing but the storyline is good, solid and entertaining because it incorporates a lot martial arts and Japanese anime-style action. Click here to check it out for yourself and then drop a line in my Forums to tell us what you think. I`m interested in your opinions.

I`ve still got a flair for the old 1990`s Hong Kong action movie styles, which are strawberry sundaes compared to most of the crappy action movies Hollywood releases now adays (no offense to the actors playing the roles, just bad scripts)! All music and special effects, no feeling, action, or acting required because everything is computer animated. :(

So once things get to be a little more settled, I plan on jumping back into the director`s seat and on stage to start turning out some good quality movies just like back in the day. Don`t worry, I`m still young enough to dance around the screen for an hour without my back giving way. My aerial kicks aren`t quite as high as they used to be though!

I haven`t really had time to update my profile or anything in quite a while and well, I`m not exactly a tekkie so I figured that now is as good a time as any to take the virtual plunge!

So anyway, that`s where things are standing with me for the moment. Now that I`m getting back into the fray (and trying to regain a bit more of a social life in the process... Lately it`s been all work and no play) you guys will probably be seeing a lot more of me around the internet.

You can find me on MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube as well. I`m still trying to figure out how to update my pages and make them look decent but feel free to stop by and check me out at any time. I`ll be more than happy to hear from you!

Take Care and God Bless! [John "3:16"]



Michael Dudikoff - The Original American Ninja!

BTW... Guess who I ran into today? I was with my daughter today at the Hermosa Beach Pier and there was Michael Dudikoff! Most of you probably remember him from the American Ninja movie series a few years ago.

We met long before I ever made NRNS II I was doing a demo at a Karate tournament to benefit Juvenile Diabetes, and he was there along with Dolph Lundgren. He was a total gentleman and very humble!

I know he is training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Riggin Machado here in the South Bay.

I hope he makes a come back!




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