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I love music! I pretty much listen to just about anything when I have the chance and I like to encourage people to pursue their hopes and dreams so this section is basically for all fo you aspiring music artists out there who haven`t quite made it to that break-through point yet! Keep at it and don`t give up! You`ll get there eventually.

These links are to some nifty little songs that I`ve picked up bu currently unknown artists while surfing throughout the web. I like these song for some reason or another so with each artists permission, I`ve posted them here.

That being said, please read the legal disclaimer at the bottom of this page before you continue!

Finished? If so, then please continue to preview these great works!

Loren`s Music Picks!
Tsubasa Nishitani

Jazz - Vocalist ( Tokyo, JP )

Personally, I`ve always liked to listen to Jazz, especially on a rainy day and when I`m at home relaxing or reading a book. It`s kind of my way of winding down for a few hours when I can afford to. A friend of mine directed me to this young lady`s page on mySpace.com and asked my opinion of her.

Besides being an extremely elegant and good-looking woman, she`s got a beautiful voice and knows how to use it! Her music is has both a relaxing and inspiring flow to which makes it just the right mix for slow and subtle "detox of herat and soul"!

Worth checking out, especially if you like Jazz. :)






Please note that just because a song is listed here does NOT mean that I`m endorsing it, thinking about producing it, or planning on using it in a movie. I do not accept requests for CD reviews, screenings or submissions. I`m too busy to listen to submissions and I don`t accept them due to possible legal issues which could arise. So unless you`re a personal friend or aquaintance I know fairly well, I will not be accepting any submissions. Please read the Terms of Service agreement and do NOT submit anything to media this site or email. It will be rejected. The stuff listed here is due to my personal feelings and enjoyment of the subject matter as a reader and implies no professional support or endorsement for ti unless specifically noted by myself.

While I don`t accept direct submissions, I do randomly seatch the internet looking for new stuff to listen to, it I happen to hear your song and like it, I may ask your permission to post it here. If you approve, your name will be added to this page along with a link to your website and your cong may be included in my online MP3 player for other to listen to. Please keep in mind when submitting a summary that LA will not accept any liability for and damages caused by any third parties using your content without your permission (which I hope will not happen). Nor will we be held responsible for any similarities between said linked work and any of my own current writing projects. So make sure that you understand and can agree to these terms before you give me permission to post links to your work.




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