Cynthia Rothrock Mona Vie Awareness Drive!

I don`t know how many of you are familiar with the new health and vitality drink sensation Mona Vie, but from what I`ve heard and read about it, it seems to be quite the cure for a lot of health related issues including relief of chronic aches and pains. It`s all-natural and contains 19 fruits including legendary Acai Berry from the Amazon Rainforest. Plus, it`s been completely FDA approved as well so it`s quickly raising a stir in the international health community.

I`m doing a little research into it myself to see what all the buzz is about but Cynthia is completely into it and believes in it 100%. I learned a long time ago to trust her intuitions when it comes to quality products so it`s hard to argue with her when she says something`s a good.

Due to it`s potent health-improving, weight loss and anti-aging qualities Cynthia Rothrock has kind of made it her hobby to promote Mona Vie Awareness and distribute it throughout the globe in order to get it into the hands of people who might find it suitable for a healthier lifestyle. She`s never been into selling things strictly for profit so if she`s promoting something, she`s doing it because she sincerely feels that it will help people so for that, she has my full support.

That being said, I`ve decided to start the Cynthia Rothrock Mona Vie Awareness Drive! Stop by her official homepage to find out more about Mona Vie and maybe give it a try for yourself! If you`re interested, you can even sign up as a distributor for the product in your own community (sales compensation included)!

If nothing else, it`ll give you a chance to meet one of the most beautiful, laid-back and awesome women on the planet! So why not stop by and check it out? Click the banner below to go to Cynthia Rothrock`s Official Homepage and see what Mona Vie has to offer!







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