Loren Avedon Viral Video Contest on YouTube!

Hey guys! I stopped by YouTube the other day and well... got completely sucked into it for about 3 whole hours (so much for sleep time)! They`ve got quite a library of stuff, including lots of clips of my old movie clips! :)

Recently a buddy of mine in Japan, who happens to be a sci-fi author publishing his first martial arts/ action novel, has been constantly pestering me about Japanese style animation as well as video games. He`s been telling me I should check it out for quite a while but I never really took him seriously because I with my schedule I never really have time to keep up with anything on TV especially cartoons... Or so I thought.

However, I happened to catch an episode of the ninja-style anime Naruto on TV at an acquaintance`s house while their kids were watching it. That actually looks like a very interesting series! I`ve never seen a cartoon so intense! So from now on I`ll be on the lookout for more episodes when I have time! But now I`m kind of curious to know what other interesting Japanese animation series they have out there.

Thanks to my friend in Japan, I`ve begun my indoctrination into the ways of Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alechemist and Final Fantasy (the guy is a complete anime nut...)

But seeing as how I have little time to scour the web for anime series I can watch during what small amount of free time I have on the weekends, I`ve decided to add a little fun to my research by starting the Loren Avedon/ Anime Viral Video Contest!

The way this contest works is simple!

1) Select any one the action clips from one of my movies (King of the Kickboxers,
     No Retreat , No Surrender 2 & 3).

2) Mix with a clip from either a) your favorite Japanese anime series b) video game
    c) my friend`s Wild FIRE: Legend of the Ryukage promotional video clips      Naturally, I prefer something with lots of action! No porn stuff please! It will be      rejected...

3) Add a nice contemporary soundtrack with your favorite music!

4) Post on YouTube and email me the link so I can check it out! The video with the      most comments wins!

The top 20 selected video clips will be posted in my Video Log along with each contributor`s name. The top 10 contest winners will receive an autographed picture or movie poster from me to show off to your friends and family!

Pretty good deal huh? :) I`m very interested to see what you guys can come up with! Hopefully this will give me something fun to watch at home with my family besides Oprah... (Just kidding!)

While you`re at it, stop by my friend Walter`s website and give him a shout. If you`re into martial arts, anime and video games as much as he is, you`ll probably love his upcoming book. Pretty nice work from what I`ve read so far. Looking forward to reading the rest of it! I`m sure you guys will have a lot to talk about!





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