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Being somewhat of a writer myself, I`m always on new and interesting stories to read! I`m not just drawn to brand name books and stories from famous authors though. When I have time, I like to check out online book clubs and sites like Lulu.com and read book previews from up and coming authors. There`s a lot of good talent out there and I`ve met quite a few interesting people in the process!

The books and literary works listed here are ones that I`ve find both interesting and entertaining. If you`re looking for some interesting stories to read, I`d strongly encourage anyone to stop by and check them out!

That being said, please read the legal disclaimer at the bottom of this page before you continue!

Finished? If so, then please continue to preview these great works!

Loren`s Favorites

Wild FIRE Book 1

Pick #1

Wild FIRE: Legend of the Ryukage Book 1- Vol 1+

This book was written by a personal associate of mine in Japan who is currently in the process of publishing it as his first novel.

I`m still going through the book right now when I have time but I must say that so far it is turning out to be an awesome work! The story line is deep, the characters are very well developed, the plot has lots of twists and turns an the action is excellent!

I think I like this book mostly because of the author`s writing style and the martial arts fight sequences his story involves. The writing style is extremely descriptive and allows you to really "see" the action and feel each hit. The story line is getting fairly deep at fast pace, but the language useage makes it very easy follow along with. I`m looking forward to reading the rest of it!

If you`re into any type or martial arts, action movies, video game or anime what-so-ever, you`ll probably love this one so I`d encourage you to go check it out via the links below.

A "Grade A" class story indeed!

What`s more is that they guy is a genuine workaholic when it comes to this story line. If you visit his website you`ll also notice that he has an extensive amount of artwork, movies and even a video game based on the book concept!

Definately a man worth looking out for!

  - Official Wild FIRE Homepage
- Book Preview ( posted with his consent of course! )
by Alix Paultre

This is a very interesting work by a currently unknown author I found on Lulu.com. The preview to his book is quite interesting and I`d strongly recommend for you to stop by and check it out!

This story about a yound girl infected by a mysterious technology is very unique in the way it`s written. The first few pages are enough to draw you into the character`s personality so that you can see the world through her eyes and fell the way she feels. I think this book definately has the right stuff behind it a big success should the right people find it!

Keep up the good work Alix! :)






Please note that just because a book is listed here does NOT mean that I`m endorsing it, thinking about producing it, or planning on making it into a movie. I do not accept requests for book reviews or submissions. I`m too busy to read submissions and I don`t accept them due to possible legal issues which could arise. So unless you`re a personal friend or aquaintance I know fairly well, I will not be accepting any submissions. Please read the Terms of Service agreement and do NOT submit anything to media this site or email. It will be rejected. The stuff listed here is due to my personal feelings and enjoyment of the subject matter as a reader and implies no professional support or endorsement for ti unless specifically noted by myself.

While I don`t accept direct submissions, I don`t mind reading a short 1~2 paragraph summary for a piece of literature when I have time. If the summary is well writen and I find the story is interesting and to my taste, I may check it out provided you have a link to it. If I find it intersting, I`ll post a link to it here with your approval for you to tell your friends about. In the future, I may open this site up to a writer of the month contect but for the moment that is closed. Please keep in mind when submitting a summary that LA will not accept any liability for and damages caused by any third parties using your content without your permission (which I hope will not happen). Nor will we be held responsible for any similarities between said linked work and any of my own current writing projects. So make sure that you understand and can agree to these terms before you give me permission to post links to your work.




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