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I began my acting career at the age of 5 as the milk-mustached kid in many "Carnation Milk" commercials. Although I continued to appear in numerous commercials and successfully dabbled in modeling, my energies eventually turned toward a career in Film.

I received my first "break" a while ago while working out in a Los Angeles Karate school. Producer Roy Horan was canvassing the town in search of a replacement for Jean-Claude Van Damme. The film Horan was producing "No Retreat, No Surrender II" called for a young man, over six feet tall who could act while also being a world-class martial artist. Because of my dashing-good looks, charm and high front kicks, Horan gave me an audition. Fortunately, a week later I was signed as Van Damme's replacement.

I`m thankful that I was able to get that role because it introduced me to one on the most wonderful people on earth and life-long friend Cynthia Rothrock. (Poor Van Damme, lucky me! :)

In the film "Blood Brothers," I co-stared as an All-American boy with a Bruce Lee/Rambo side who becomes an espionage hero. This film helped develop my talents as an actor and helped to spread my name in Europe and elsewhere.

I returned to the jungles of Thailand and spent four exciting months starring as the hard-nosed New York City cop, "Jake Donahue", in Imperial Entertainment's "King of the Kickboxers". The result was an intense and compelling performance that has action-adventure experts agreeing that "King of the Kickboxers" contains some of the most brilliant martial arts fight scenes ever captured on film. I second that motion! Working with Billy Blanks to film that particular one is an experience I`ll never forget!

In my career, I`ve been called all sorts of things, including "the tall, handsome blue-eyed Bruce Lee." That`s a very big compliment in my book! Of course I`ve also been dubbed some not-so-glamorous things as well. Comes with the territory I suppose.

I am truly hooked on action entertainment films! My philosophy about it is: "As an actor, I'm revealing facets of my soul. As a Martial Artist, it's all speed, precision, and physical skill. In an action-adventure film, I enjoy the challenge of captivating the audience with a dynamic believable performance." Those are the words I perform by.

Besides acting I`m also into writing and producing. After shooting more than a month in Beirut, Lebanon on "Operation; Golden Phoenix", I actually Co-Produced, and starred in "The Silent Force". I also wrote the screenplay for, produced and starred in "Deadly Ransom" in 1997. As you can see, I`m a guy with a lot of interests!

In one of my later films, "Manhattan Chase" I starred as a paroled ex-hitman trying to raise his only son, but soon after his release from prison his past catches up with him. I also starred in and worked as the 2nd unit director and fight choreographer on "Tiger Claws III" for Film One productions in Toronto, Canada. I`ve also written at least two more feature films ("Never to Die","004").

While my film and acting career has taken a back seat to my equally busy personal life and spending quality time with my family for the past few years, my intention is still to create hard-hitting, thrilling and entertaining action movies for a diverse and sophisticated international audience.




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